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Plastic Drums & IBC's

All the most popular sizes are available as either a reconditioned or a new drum.

Open-top drums are available in 12 30 60 120 150 and 220 litres.

Tight-head drums are available in 25 60 120 and 220 litres.

All new drums can be supplied for hazardous goods. Reconditioned 220lt tight-head drums can be supplied for packing group II.

Call us to discuss your requirements.

Reusable Ibcs and the larger drums are always in demand. If you have these in quantity, contact us and we can determine if they have a residual value. We are happy to conduct a site visit to determine the best route for your surplus containers.

All collections will generate a waste transfer note confirming you have addressed the waste hierarchy.

IBC's are available as a reconditioned item, a re-bottled item (second-hand cage and pallet with a new plastic bottle) or a complete new item. A choice of plastic, metal or wooden pallets is usually available.
Reconditioned and re-bottled ibcs are usually a 1000lt container. New ibcs are available as 1000lt, 800lt and 600lt containers.

Contact us if you need IBC's for hazardous goods.

Occasionally we have lower grade IBC's. Call us if your waste requirements may benefit from a less expensive container.

If you have ibcs to dispose of but are unsure if they are of any value, we will be happy to give you advice, or visit your site to carry out an assessment.

Plastic Drums IBC Drums